Andrew Scheer: Trudeau Must Finally Stand Up to China


The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this morning calling on him to show strength and finally stand up to China.


The following is an excerpt from the letter:


“There is no other way to put this: Canada is being bullied by the Chinese government and you have done nothing to stand up for Canada in response.


Instead, you have continued with the same, failed, business as usual approach – hosting garden parties in Beijing and shipping your ministers off to China for photo opportunities eating ice cream.


It’s clear, Canadian families, Canadian workers, Canadian farmers, and Canadian job-creators are paying the price for your weak leadership.”


In particular Scheer called on the Prime Minister to:


Immediately withdraw Canada from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Immediately launch a complaint at the World Trade Organization.

Increase inspections on all Chinese imports.

Start examining possible retaliatory tariffs on Chinese imports that will have the greatest possible impact while minimizing harm to Canadian consumers.

The letter goes on to say:


“I strongly urge you to ignore the advice from senior Liberals, like Jean Chretien and John McCallum, who have suggested we flout the rule of law and give in to the Chinese government’s demands to free Meng Wanzhou. Your actions during the SNC-Lavalin scandal already shook Canadians’ confidence in the justice system to the core.


The only option here is to show strength and finally stand up for Canada. Either you continue to show weakness and allow the Chinese government to bully Canada, or you take action to stand up for Canadians and what is right.”