Liberals move forward to deliver on Ontario’s priorities

Windsor, Ontario – In this important election, Ontarians have a clear choice: move forward with a real plan to finish the COVID-19 pandemic and build a better Canada or let Erin O’Toole take us backward.

Since 2015, the Liberal team has been focused on supporting Ontario families and keeping our communities safe. Now as we work to finish the fight against COVID-19 to prevent future lockdowns and build a better Canada for everyone, Ontarians need real leadership – and only the Liberal team can offer that.

“Building a better Ontario for everyone means getting the job done on vaccines, helping more Canadians find a home, taking climate action to create new jobs and a cleaner future, and keeping dangerous guns out of our communities,” said Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. “Doing this hard work will take leadership, but Erin O’Toole won’t show it. He’s been praising half measures on the pandemic that forced Albertans into a heartbreaking situation that could have been prevented. He will scrap our plan to ensure Canadians travelling on a plane or train are vaccinated, will make assault weapons legal again, and wants to take us back to the inaction of the Harper years in the fight against climate change. Ontarians – and all Canadians – can’t afford having Erin O’Toole sitting across the table from Jason Kenney and Doug Ford. They need a team that will fight for them, and move forward for everyone.”

From day one, the Liberal Government stood up for our middle class and those working hard to join it with the Canada Child Benefit and by cutting taxes for the middle class and raising them on the top 1 per cent. We stood up to Donald Trump on NAFTA to defend our workers, and we will continue to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to get through this pandemic.

Only the Liberal team will fight for the priorities of Ontarians. We will:

Require travellers on planes, trains, and cruise ships to be fully vaccinated to finish the fight against COVID-19.
Support provinces and territories who implement proof-of-vaccine requirements.
Support the hiring of 7,500 doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, and eliminate the backlog of surgeries and services in our health system.
Deliver $10 a day child care and reduce child care costs by 50 per cent in the next year.
Help Canadians buying their first home save up to $30,000, end blind bidding and stop renovictions.
Continue to take real action to fight climate change while creating new clean jobs and supporting our workers.
Maintain our ban on 1,500 types of military-style assault weapons and implement a buyback to keep these guns out of our communities.

“In this election, our team is choosing to fight climate change and create the good jobs that come with it. We’re choosing better public, universal health care. We’re choosing to build more affordable housing and $10 a day child care. And we’re choosing to create safer communities,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Erin O’Toole doesn’t have the same priorities for Ontario. Instead he’ll pander to special interest groups, make assault weapons legal, and scrap our child care plan – and Jagmeet Singh hasn’t ruled out helping him do it. We can’t let the Conservatives take us backward. Let’s keep moving forward – for everyone.”

Source: Liberal Party