Premier Ford Announces Select Committee

September 24, 2018

Queen’s Park – Today, Premier Doug Ford announced that Ontario’s Government for the People will continue to investigate how the fiscal situation in the province grew so dire.

During a rare special caucus meeting before Question Period, Premier Ford announced, “we are going to put forward a motion to strike a Select Committee. This committee will have the power to call witnesses; to compel documents, and; to gather evidence.”

Many people in Ontario have had to struggle to make ends meet during the 15-year reign of the Liberal government under Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. Ford continued to note that the select committee will restore trust, accountability, and transparency in the Government of Ontario.

“It’s time that the people of Ontario finally get the answers they deserve. It’s time we restore the people’s faith in their government.” Premier Ford has been steadfast in his commitment to uncover all the Liberal waste and scandal. The select committee marks a bold next step to restore trust in government.