The Highlights of Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet

The Highlights of Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet

Bill Morneau – Minister of Finance:

  • With Morneau staying at Finance, it is clear that Justin Trudeau is doubling down on his never-ending deficits, out-of-control wasteful spending, tax hikes on hard-working Canadians and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and has no plan to deal with a possible recession or economic downturn.

Chrystia Freeland – Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs:

  • After being shut out in Alberta, the Trudeau Liberals are desperately trying to spin Freeland as a passionate voice for the province; however, no PR campaign is going to change the fact this downtown Toronto MP spent the last four years at the cabinet table signing off on anti-energy Trudeau Liberal policies. Freeland did nothing and said nothing when Trudeau destroyed the energy sector in the last Parliament. Why would anybody believe she will be different this time?

François-Philippe Champagne – Minister of Foreign Affairs:

  • Two Canadians are being illegally detained in China. China has shut down access to Canadian canola. China is shutting down democracy protests in Hong Kong. What does our new Minister of Global Affairs think of China?
    • “In a world of uncertainty, unpredictability, of questioning about the rules that have been established our trading relationship, Canada and I would say China, stands out as a beacon of stability, predictability, a rule-based system, a very inclusive society.” (CGTN, May 9th, 2017)
  • Ask the one million Uyghur Muslims detained in China if they think China is a “very inclusive” society.
  • Ask Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor if they think China is a “rule-based” society.

Seamus O’Regan – Minister of Natural Resources:

  • This is the third cabinet portfolio O’Regan has held in the last three years – each one has been a bigger disaster than the last.
  • In August 2019, O’Regan was resoundingly criticized for an out-of-touch statement on the consequences of Bill C-69 to the Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industry Association. If he can’t even listen to the natural resources industry in his own home province, how can he be expected to listen to the rest of the country?

Steven Guilbeault – Minister of Canadian Heritage:

  • Guilbeault will now have a voice at the cabinet table for his opposition to Canada’s energy industry, the TMX pipeline, the Third Link, GNL Quebec, and his support for even higher carbon taxes.
  • Guilbeault spent the entire election campaign, actively opposing the government’s public position on TMX and GNL Quebec and he has been rewarded with a seat at the cabinet table. His appointment should be seen as a direct threat to Canada’s economic competitiveness and prosperity.

Catherine McKenna – Minister of Infrastructure and Communities:

  • As Minister of Environment, Catherine McKenna was taken to court by six out of ten provinces over the unconstitutional carbon tax. She has already fractured relationships with the majority of provinces, and now the entirety of her job will require working alongside provincial governments. During the campaign, she was Trudeau’s designated attack dog against provincial premiers who stood up to him. As Minister of Infrastructure, she will fight against the Quebec government and the Third Link.

Marie-Claude Bibeau – Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food:

  • Bibeau failed to stand up for our dairy farmers, our canola farmers, and our pork farmers. She failed to re-open markets in India and China and our farmers are still waiting on the Liberal government promised compensation. How she was not shuffled is beyond us.

Jonathan Wilkinson – Minister of Environment and Climate Change:

  • Despite representing a Vancouver riding, the Trudeau Liberals are now trying to spin Wilkinson as a voice and representative for Saskatchewan. This doesn’t change the fact that Minister Wilkinson sat in cabinet for more than a year and signed-off on and supported disastrous policies that contributed to Canada’s national unity crisis, including the tanker ban.

Jean-Yves Duclos – President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Digital Government:

  • Duclos previously served as the Vice-Chair of Treasury Board, meaning, once again the Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on their record of never-ending deficits, wasteful out-of-control spending, and even higher taxes.

Bill Blair – Minister of Public Safety:

  • Blair continues to fail upwards.  He was responsible for doing nothing to address the more than 50,000 illegal border crossers who have streamed into Canada.  He will likely use his new position to continue his long-standing support for the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry, which does nothing to reduce crime.
  •   “…we should not be diverted, here, from the most important point. This is about public safety. The long gun registry has made Canada a safer country. The registry has saved lives. We lose it at our peril.” – Chief William Blair, as President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, November 2009

Bernadette Jordan – Minister of Fisheries and Oceans:

  • During the most recent election campaign Jordan actively supported shutting down a quarter of Canada’s oceans which is a direct slap in the face to fishermen in Nova Scotia and across the country who depend on the fishery to support their families and their communities.

Lawrence MacAulay – Minister of Veterans Affairs:

  • With MacAulay staying at Veterans Affairs, it is clearly Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are doubling down on their “asking for more than we are able to give” approach when it comes to our military heroes.

David Lametti – Attorney General and Minister of Justice:

  • Justin Trudeau’s yes-man for Deferred Prosecution Agreements gets to keep his job. He will not stand up for the independence of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and our institutions. With the election over, look out for SNC-Lavalin to finally get the sweetheart deal they have been lobbying Trudeau for since 2016.

Harjit Sajjan – Minister of National Defence:

  • Sajjan’s casual relationship with the truth and his willingness to cut support for our military heroes has been rewarded by Justin Trudeau. Minister Sajjan oversaw the purchase of used fighter jets, cuts to military healthcare and the Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s fiasco. With his appointment – it is clear that Justin Trudeau is not interested in supporting those who serve this country.

Diane Lebouthillier – Minister of National Revenue: 

  • In the last Parliament, Lebouthillier tried to squeeze Canadians every way she could. She tried to tax employee benefits, cut people off the disability tax credit, and tax campgrounds out of business. The Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on their tax and spend approach. The liberal’s plan on fighting tax evasion is a failure.

Melanie Joly – Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages:

  • Minister Joly spent $8 million on an unnecessary rink on Parliament Hill instead of investing in communities.  Clearly she cannot be trusted to oversee meaningful economic development.

Dan Vandal – Minister of Northern Affairs: 

  • It is 2,288 km between Winnipeg and Iqaluit. The only cabinet minister from the Prairies is the Minister of Northern Affairs.

Mary Ng – Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade

  • Minister Ng gets to keep her job despite showing a shocking lack of judgement when she held an ice cream photo op during a visit to China despite two Canadians being detained.
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